Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

XXXX XXXX sent their invoice to my secondary insurance carrier ( XXXX ) for more than a year — and not to my primary insurance XXXX. I made two phone calls and sent FIVE letters telling XXXX that they had to bill the PRIMARY insurer first. I even made sure this was changed when I was AT the doctor ‘s office. I do n’t know if they never did this, or if they waited the year and a half before they did so, but at that point ( 1 1/2 years after the dr visit ) my company changed insurace to XXXX. Apparently now XXXX is not paying since it is so long since the original visit — and I ca n’t blame them. XXXX is at fault for not billing the correct insurance company in a timely manner. I would be willing to pay what I would owe AFTER what the insurance would have covered, but I am not willing to pay this entire $ XXXX bill that is XXXX ‘s fault. They have now filed with MiraMed Medical Group, a collection agency to collect this bill and this company is not interested in how this came to be. I ‘m about to buy a house — and I have a STELLAR credit rating — so I do n’t want this diminishing my credit score! Please help!

I do have copies of the letters I have written, but would need to take cell phone photos and email them to you, I do n’t have a scanner.

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