Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

ALREADY ENTERED INTO A PAYMENT AGREEMENT hello, My name is XXXX XXXX and I am writing because I was recently made aware that you have submitted my name and address to the CRA ‘s in regards to a debit of : {$140.00}. I recently, about a month ago, contacted your company in regards to not having this item listed on my credit reports, and entered into an agreement to pay off the debt within 6 months with my credit card. Your company has since lied to me about this not being reported. I DEMAND that this entry be stricken from all the CRA records IMMEDIATELY or you can CANCEL the payment arrangement. If any payments hit my credit card, and you have not requested your trade-line removed from all XXXX agencies, I will report the payment as fraud! THIS IS NOTICE TO REMOVE THE TRADE-LINES OR CANCEL ANY AND ALL PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS!

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