Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I recently moved from my previous home of 4+ years to another city in Michigan . I acquired a different home area code and phone number. I moved from a home to an apartment in XXXX, 2015. Since acquiring a new phone number, I started receiving voicemail messages from a debt collector called Portfolio Recovery at XXXX. I received the messages daily, until XXXX day I was at home ; I picked up the line. The representative stated that they were a debt collector attempting to collect debt from someone who has my name. Note : I have a common first and last name. The representative asked if the last XXXX of my SSN number was XXXX. I told her no, and did not provide her with the correct last XXXX of my SSN. She apologized and said she must have the wrong person, and stated that they would remove my number from their call list. That was approximately one month ago. I received a call again today from the same company, and I picked up the line. She said and requested the same information as the last rep., but this time she requested that I confirm a completely different last XXXX of my SSN than the other rep. I told her the number she provided was NOT the last XXXX my SSN. She told me her company will stop calling because they obviously had the wrong person. I told her that ‘s what the last rep. said. I became irritated and felt I was being harassed. I work extremely hard and am a very responsible citizen! I do not need stupid debt collectors calling me with false information! This a company who are clearly phishing needs to be stopped. The last rep. said I was ” cutting her off ” and that ‘s when I got louder and extremely upset. She was yelling and trying to over talk me. I have every right to yell at someone who is accusing me of something that is not mines or did not do. I am disappointed that these people are harassing innocent people. Again, if the information they are requesting were true ; the last XXXX of the SSN should at least match the consumer ‘s. I feel sorry for people who actually believe viscous companies like Portfolio Recovery when you are aware of all of your finances.

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