Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

XX/XX/XXXX XXXX. I live in XXXX, XXXX and am covered by our medicare program through Medicare/Medicade known as the XXXX XXXX XXXX. Although I have to go to an in network general practice doctor in the event I suffer a medical emergency ( I.E. Being taken XXXX from my hotel room to XXXX XXXX Hospital where I XXXX ) my XXXX XXXX Plan provider ( XXXX for short ) pays XXXX % of all the costs, regardless of where this hospital is located. In this case it was XXXX XXXX in XXXX, XXXX.
I did not even know my name or if I had a girlfriend or really anything else for that matter for another few days. When my family found out what had happened they traveled immediately from XXXX to XXXX and kind of help me piece everything together. When I discharged from the hospital 6 days later I went to the business office and explained to them that I had medicare/medicaid through XXXX Family Care and thats who they should bill. They said they would and that was the last I heard of it until last Friday, XXXX XXXX, XXXX XXXX contacted me to tell me my credit score had fallen XXXX points. Apparently the hospital had failed to bill XXXX XXXX and had placed the bill for collection. I tried to get a copy of the bill mailed to me, the hospital refused to do so saying I needed to come in person. Trying to explain I live in XXXX, XXXX and so that was not possible-apparently the address they had on file was the XXXX XXXX where the ambulance picked me up from. Security had held onto my wallet with the rest of my luggage so the day I was released I litterally had to use loner clothes from the lost and found to travel from the hospital to the Hotel. The next morning though, my girlfriend took me back to the hospital so that I could give them my insurance information.
I tried reasoning with the collections people telling them this was a billing error on there end! People like me that have medicare/medicade have XXXX copays for everything! The Dr. is free, my meds are free I do n’t even have a copay and emergency medicine is FREE! I gave them my member number and the phone/fax of Family Care on XXXX XXXX, after speaking with them they say they where never billed! They assured me that if billed they XXXX would have been paid long ago. Meanwhile, I am suffering terribly from this collection destroying my credit. I no longer qualify for car loan i was prequalified for, my credit card companies will raise my interest rates, etc etc.
This is XXXX not billing my insurance company and then placing me in collection. I ca n’t get a copy of my bill unless I fly down there myself to retrieve it in person. That ‘s a XXXX mile round trip! I offered to send them my driver ‘s license, ss card, utility bill and they would still would not mail my bill. As of today, XXXX/XXXX/XXXX they have not faxed nor contacted my insurance company. The collection company is reporting a bill that that they have been made aware of is a billing error on their end, not me refusing to pay and yet they continue to report this information to the credit bureaus. It ‘s just wrong.

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