Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

The company has contacted me repeatedly to attempt to collect a debt that I do not owe. I tried to reason with these people and they continued to lie and harass me. The rental application ( which I can submit ) specifically states that unless you pay the application fee, your application would not be processed. No application = no deposit and no hold on a unit. However, after I relayed this information to ProCollect, they yelled at me and accused me of not paying my bills. I requested that they no longer contact me until they send me proof of the bill and they did neither. I am still awaiting proof til this day. All they have ever sent me was a invoice that was sent to them! That ‘s not proof of me agreeing to pay a deposit or being forced into a apartment I did not put a deposit in for either! My application fee was returned because I accidentally was {$.00} short of the {$35.00}. I called the representative I was in contact with immediately and let him know of the situation and that I would have to wait until I could come up with enough to pay it in cash. He said ” okay. ” That was the end of that!

Until 2016. This year they found me and harassed me. It has stopped me from getting an apartment that would ‘ve helped me out a lot. I am disgusted with the representatives and the company ‘s response in general! I want them to remove the mark on my credit report and stop contacting me about {$230.00} that I do not owe!

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