Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I would like to file a formal complaint against Central Portfolio Control XXXX Inc.
XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX, MN XXXX Number : XXXX – XXXX – XXXXFax : XXXX – XXXX – XXXX I do not have any debts that I am not aware of that would be in a collection agency and I do not understand why this company is calling me. I am on XXXX and Social Security Income ( SSI XXXX. I have Medicaid and Medicare, so I know that all of my Medical costs have been paid for and are being paid for. I also know that all of Student Loans are current and on time, and I also know that my Car Loan is Current as are my Credit Cards. So I believe this company is Calling and Harassing the wrong individual. Here is why : I was never sent a written notice within five days after I was first contacted by telephone by Central Portfolio Control XXXX Inc. They have also contacted my family members XXXX My Domestic Partner & Mother ) by telephone numerous times. I have phone records showing that they have called me at XXXX ( EST ) and multiple times in less than a 2 hour window.

On the two occassions I have spoken to their representatives, I was spoken to very harshly ( they have used intimidating language and acted like legal actions would be taken against me – my car would be taken from me or my XXXXSSI benefits withheld or possible jail time ). The representatives gave me incorrect information about myself ; the address they told me I needed to confirm was not my address and I informed them that they did not have the correct address and that I did not feel they had the correct individual. They then proceeded to tell me that I Had to provide them with my Social Security Number, which I did not feel safe providing to them and at this they got extremely mad and I was hung up on in one case and in another I was spoken to like I was a child. I then asked them to stop calling me and to please verify what ever debt they felt I owed them and the representative stated I would receive a validation in the mail soon. I never received anything in the mail at all. If they can not provide an address I have lived at or live at currently then they obviously can not prove to me there is a debt. They also have not even told me how much this debt is for verbally or written or where it even originally came from. I am aware that companies like this one purchase debts for pennies on the dollar so they are not even the original creditor but I also am aware that I only have a car loan and student loans and credit cards and my monthly living expenses so there is no possible way I have any debts!

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