Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I had XXXX at the XXXX. it is XXXX per XXXX UNLESS you opt for the lifetime assurance, I did that, the bill then was XXXX. I have no paper work and no one will provide me any either. REGARDLESS, they breached the contract a year later when they neglected to see me. I tried explaining this to care credit that owned the debt but they sued, used XXXX and their attorney that told me it did not matter that the debt wasnt valid, the judge would believe them, and i could claim head of household and they wouldnt collect due due that status but to be clear the judge would side in their favor anyway. I was scared and I signed the paper. Now XXXX attorneys are trying to garnish me for this debt I dont owe. XXXX XXXX at the XXXX said I dont owe the debt and that I couldnt use the lifetime, she stated she would call XXXX. I also did a XXXX complaint and in that they replied the debt had been sold, they know nothing about any payments and if i wanted I could come back anytime. this is totally contradicting the information that took me numerous calls and a solid week to collect — I do not want to do this it has been since 2005 when I had this done. I would never trust them to do anything to my XXXX. I believe the statement was false to make it seem on the XXXX that they were accommodating. The main point is they breached the contract and I just want to be held accountable to the once and done pricing of XXXX a XXXX which i believe is fair to all parties and was paid the XXXX year. After they failed to honor the contract, I defaulted after that because the company always made excuses to ” return my calls ” ” computers down ” and answering machine messages were my only contact options — at that time they told me I had to see them for the lifetime yet they made NO attempts to allow me to see them.Someone needs to contact XXXX and XXXX and tell them they purchased a fraudulent debt and are pursuing a single mom head of household supporting my son person. someone should then investigate the XXXX for their shady practices. I should not own this debt!

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