Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I had Auto Ins with USAA. I had my monthly payments charged to my USAA credit card, I paid my credit card each month. Last XXXX 2015 I had a double billing. Instead of approximately {$62.00} ( a normal single month ) it was for {$120.00}. I was told they had changed the way their billing was done and the double payment was for the months of XXXX and XXXX 2015. It was a one time double billing. I also have it in writing from XXXX of their Customer Servicer Reps. I paid this double billing on XXXX XXXX, 2015. I sold my car at the end of XXXX 2015 and notified USAA right away and cancelled my insurance. Thus ending any further payments. They continue to bill me for that last ” XXXX ” month period. Claiming I never paid it.

I have offered to send them the cancelled check, I have asked and told them to STOP calling me, they continue to call. No matter what I say to them, so matter how I explain it to them they just do n’t get it. I paid them! I told them flat out I do not owe them anything and I will not pay them and to stop calling me. They continue to call me.

I want this to stop, please! Enough is enough … ..

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