Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I resided at XXXX XXXX for an entire year XXXX to XXXX. On XXXX XXXX I provided a check for the full amount of my rent as always, however I forgot to write the name of the apartment complex on the line. I received a call to come write the name of the check via email, so I responded by calling one of the property manager ( XXXX XXXX ). She advised me that it was no big they could write the name in for me due to my son and aunt being in the hospital. Well hours after speaking to her I received another email from a different property manager ( XXXX XXXX ) stating that I need to come write the name in and bring late charges because it was not the XXXX of XXXX. I responded and informed her that the other property manager stated that this issue was resolved and there was no issue with anyone writing the name of the apartment on the check. She then stated that she would write the name on the check, however I should come in at my leisure and submit all applicable late charges. In return responded and informed her, I have never been a problem, nor had I ever been late. so why was she making this simple mistake such a big deal with no substantial merit. She did n’t respond! So I sent several emails and called each day afterwards making every attempt to come by and write the name on the check and pay the little one day late fee. Well surprisingly no one answered from my number, so I sent another email stating that I have left several voice messages and emails offering to come by and provide a resolve, with no feedback from anyone. ( Keep in mind my family was in the hospital which is why I was n’t at home to begin with or else I could have just walked a couple of feet and resolved the issue ). Finally she responded after I threaten to go to the owners of the property. She responded via email and said that now I owed more lates fees. plus my regular rent and eviction fees because it had been filed 4 days later. So needless to report, she filed an eviction on me very swiftly. I was in court on the XXXX of XXXX attempting to prove I was not in the wrong. I brought a copy of all the emails and the copy of the check she sent me, the judge was not willing to here anything I said.. I mean nothing. I informed him that she had my check and if she was n’t going to run it for {$870.00} that I made it out for, that she needed to give my check back because it had my account number on it. The judged ignored me as if I did n’t say two words the entire time, never looked at any of my evidence per my request, never responded to the fact that I asked him to ask her if I had ever caused any issues or been late even one time, never acknowledged anything I said and did n’t make her give the check back that she was not going to accept although I had over XXXX sitting in my acct. So it did n’t stop there after she won the eviction I did a walk thru with her and someone she was training at the time. She confirmed verbally that there was no damages done to the property so I provided her the keys and something told me to take photos while she was present. I took the photo ‘s which I still have. Well a few months later it appears on my credit, I called her and inquired abt to fictitious charges, she said come by. She handed my an invoice, so I said this ca n’t be for my unit because you and I did a walk thru upon me relinquishing the keys. She jsut looked at me and told me to excuse myself from the property, I left immediately with fear of her calling the authorities. Afterwards I emailed the owner and disputed it with the creditor. The owner said he would investigate only to come back and talk a lot of smack thru my email- I have proof of all of these emails, I mean one after another email. Well I disputed with the creditor verbally, the rep stated that she went back to the original creditor who stated they did n’t have pictures of the damage or receipts

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