Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I called to see how much money was in my bank and found it was garnished by Asset Acceptance. They claim I owe on a debt that I already paid to XXXX XXXX, attorney in Oregon. I paid this off XX/XX/XXXX. Apparently there was a judgment for this paid off debt XX/XX/XXXX. I called XXXX ‘s office and they sent all the paperwork to Asset acceptance, who just garnished my checking account. I originally called XXXX in XX/XX/XXXX to see if I was making my last payment when I was told the account was transferred back to Asset Acceptance and was given the number. I called to make sure that was my last payment and was told I was not showing as owing anymore. Fast forward to today, I had XXXX garnished from my bank account and I am told I had a judgment and I still owe the full amount. My husband had to deal with this same company last year when they called everyone in the family and claimed to be a law firm ready to take our home, harassed the family and his work, for a debt he already paid. He got the money they took back but it took a month. How are they still in business and how can I fight this? I had no notice, nor contact with this company, so how are they able to garnish my account for something I do not owe? Please help!! How do I stop this. I talked to the attorneys doing the garnishment and notified XXXX ‘s office, but they said they sent all the copies to asset acceptance.

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