Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

Creditor : XXXX XXXX Account closed and XXXX loaned signal boosters returned to them on THEIR prepaid XXXX shipping labels. Several calls to XXXX with the ” XXXX Proof of Delivery ” acknowledged.

A month later, started receiving letters from a collection agency. I replied to letter requesting that they send me proof that they are the ” creditor in due course. ” I did provide them with the ” XXXX Proof of Delivery ” info. As of XX/XX/2017, no reply.

Called XXXX again, provided the return ” XXXX Proof of Delivery. ” I was told my case would be turned over to their Executive Response Team and I would hear back from them in a few days.

What I got back was a letter masked to look like a collection agency attempting to collect a debt but is really from, I believe, XXXX Executive Response Team.

I would like from XXXX XXXX : 1. A letter admitting their error.
2. No further contact from any outside collection agencies or XXXX XXXX internal collection department ” attempting to collect a debt! ” 3. In the event this appears on my credit report they ( XXXX XXXX ) will immediately remove it.

Thank you for your assistance.

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