Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

We purchased a XXXX XXXX XXXX in XX/XX/XXXX f or {$11000.00}. Due to impending divorce, vehicle was voluntarily given up to creditor. Last payment made to creditor was on XX/XX/XXXX . Balance on vehicle at this time was {$7500.00}. Creditor sold vehicle for {$3700.00}, leaving a balance of {$3800.00}. My Ex husband, who was the primary signature on this note, filed for bankruptcy. The original Creditor sold th e debt to Creditmax , Inc in XXXX XXXX , IN. However, I never received a Writte n Validation Notice from this company at the beginning of their debt collection process. I n XX/XX/XXXX I was summoned to Small Claims Court and a Judgement was issued for {$4900.00} ( see attached ) I was summoned aga in in XX/XX/XXXX for a supplemental hearing. I was a XXXX XXXX XXXX at this time with no real income. Fast forward XX/XX/XXXX , I am working as a XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX and receive notice of a garnishment from Attorney XXXX XXXX , who is in house counsel f or Creditmax . The debt is now an inflated {$6100.00}, to be garnished at 25 % of my earnings. I did attempt to make payment arrangements with Creditmax , Inc. for {$50.00} out of each paycheck, but I was denie d, stating that the debt was too old. I also attempted to file bankruptcy, however, I did not have enough debt to be eligible to file. Plus, it would have cost {$1500.00} or more to file. As a single mom, I struggle just to make ends meet, so this has truly caused me financial distress. As of today ‘s date, my employer has garnished the {$6500.00}, with the last payment being sent to Creditmax, Inc on XX/XX/XXXX . T his is alread y XXXX XXXX more tha n the mount in the garnishment order. End of story, right? No!! My payroll department contacted m e on XX/XX/XXXX to in form me that Creditmax, Inc has re quested an additional {$390.00} in accrued interest. This type of collection process has to stop! How this is even accepted practice, boggles my mind. Maybe if we change some of the regulations, it would be more feasible for consumers to pay their debts.

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