Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

XXXX XXXX turned my account over to this company for an error that was clearly XXXX when I tried to get them paid. They do n’t know how to work their systems and now are attempting to collect a debt not owed to them. This collection agency did n’t verify the validity of the debt prior to sending me a threatening notice to sue me and report to the credit bureaus if I did n’t provide them with proof. I owe them nothing! XXXX should ‘ve waited for a response to their last letter to me prior to turning my account over to collections. When I tried to get them to make sure the payment was made and to rectify the issues I was having with their systems and CS people, they did n’t move this fast nor did they care. Now they think I owe them something I do n’t so they ‘re aggressively trying to collect on a debt that is not owed by me to them. They had amply opportunity to take care of the debt when I asked them repeatedly to credit the rental policy refund to the auto policy balance due. They assured me it would take place yet sent me a check anyway. Because they screwed up I cashed the check because I refused to go through the hassled of turning that check around to them especially since I ‘d repeatedly asked them to make sure I did n’t get a refund! So if this collection agency wants to come after me I ‘ll happily sue them right along with XXXX! If they report anything on my credit I will sue both companies as well.

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