Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I received collection notices from ERC Collections ( XX/XX/XXXX ) reference # XXXX due to a XXXX ( cable/internet ) for {$300.00} with XXXX # XXXX. I ‘ve disputed this XXXX bill that was placed on my account since move-in date as I ‘ve been calling XXXX since since XX/XX/XXXX regarding the internet service not working properly. I was told by various customer reps at XXXX that my notes/records of speaking w XXXX reps on internet issues/relocation fee issues have been erased and no longer on Comcast.I have photos of call logs, photos of internet not working properly and records stating my complaints to the XXXX building manager at the apt . The internet rarely worked. The internet disconnected by itself from network and most times it would not connect/reconnect. I lost plenty of work typing on the internet due to this as network would continuously/abruptly kick me off network. The network would just ‘drop off ‘. The service was UNRELIABLE and therefore a breach of contract from XXXX. This was ongoing since start of my service on/about XX/XX/XXXX. On/or about XX/XX/XXXX, I continuously experienced issues with the service and I contacted the XXXX supervisor ( XXXX XXXX ) at my building ( XXXX ) letting him know the Internet is having issues, XXXX XXXX never returned any of my texts/voicemails. I contacted XXXX ( tech who installed XXXX ) and he stated for me to contact XXXX main number instead. I contacted XXXX on/or about XX/XX/XXXX and they ( overseas representative ) supposedly scheduled a tech to come out XX/XX/XXXX, but no technician ever came out to recheck the Internet connection/problem. On XX/XX/XXXX : XXXX XXXX ( XXXX supervisor of XXXX XXXX ) stated I would NOT be charged for relocating my XXXX service my old address to to my current address bc a technician needed to come to my unit to change the settings behind the panel ( it was set on XXXX initially ). Yet I received a relocation fee of roughly {$100.00} to my bill. I expressed this to XXXX on/or about XX/XX/XXXX of the fee and rep stated he could try to remove it yet it has NOT been removed.
XX/XX/XXXX : XXXX the tech came to my apt to install XXXX box bc the XXXX required tech to switch panel box. XX/XX/XXXX, I called and texted XXXX and XXXX the internet keeps disconnecting and neither helped. I called XXXX and the overseas rep stated a tech would be at my unit on Sat XX/XX/XXXX but NO tech came out, called or showed up. I have an email showing appt was made. I also disputed no service tech came out again and the XXXX agent stated there was no record of anyone scheduled, however I have an email stating a tech was scheduled to come out. I also submitted a XXXX online chat but to NO help. In XX/XX/XXXX, I called XXXX letting them know no service tech ever came back out and that I was still experiencing connectivity issues and that I will not pay for services I am NOT receiving and that this is breach of contract. XXXX ( cust rep ) said he would remove relocation fee but never did. I also told XXXX to disconnect XXXX totally as this was violating the contract/services NOT working! XXXX continued to bill me from XX/XX/XXXX-XX/XX/XXXX despite network services not working properly. Please remove this amount and pls contact XXXX and END the collection notices and end the XXXX Attempts. This is harassment. Please have XXXX contact me so that I may dispute this incorrect bill of which I was billed due to breach of XXXX. I have submitted a complaint on XXXX to FTC as well. Please remove this charge as it was evident comcast intentionally and continuously billed me for services not working properly. This is completely fraudulent from XXXX and ERC.

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