Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

My mortgage was sold to Ditech, a XXXX XXXX. For several years I have paid biweekly payments on my mortgage. I began getting automated-telephone calls several months ago informing me that I was late and assessed finance charges. I contacted them and they admitted that I was not late ; that the moneys had been put into a holding account and they would credit my mortgage. However, I continued getting these automated-calls several times a day ( including late at night ). I contacted them again and was informed that I would continue to receive these automated calls until they completed the process of crediting me … that this could go on for a week to 10 days. The representative told me that I could n’t do anything about that. I finally spoke with a supervisor who told me that he would put a note on my account to not continue calling me ; that it was taken care of. This repeated for several months. Finally I was informed that as long as I continued to make biweekly payments, this would continue to happen because their new system could not deal with this ; however, if I applied to make the payments through them ( that they would automatically get the $ $ from my checking account ), I would not have these problems. They faxed me a form last week. I filled it out and submitted it by e-mail. Would n’t you know, I started getting phone calls within 3 days that I sent the form in. Again, I called and the representative said that she would make sure that the money that they withheld would be credited to my account and I did not need to make a payment until XXXX XXXX. She said that they did not get the e-mail either. She told me to submit the form again by faxing it. I did this. Would n’t you know, I came home and there was a note tagged on my front door informing me to call them to arrange a meeting to discuss my account. No one at Ditech will take responsibility for taking care of this issue. Every time I call them, the representative looks up my account and informs me that I am not late. I have gone as far as begging them to fix it and stop harassing me. I told the representatives that I would imagine that they are getting tired of getting phone calls from me … to find out that someone does not investigate before harassing me. I tell them that this causes them having to deal with irate, frustrated clients over and over. I was told that they do not mind getting calls from us. Aaaaargh!!! They have taken no initiative to hold anyone accountable for investigating to see if there is a problem … or if my account is tagged as being current. Each representative that I have had to call again tells me that, ” Oh, there is a note in your file that this is not delinquent. ” The way that they report my payments do not show if the finance charges have been removed or if I am labeled as not paying. If this is happening to me, then I am quite certain that this is happening to others. I spend an average of 15 hours a month dealing with this issue. ( multiple automated phone calls to me, and multiple calls that I have to make to them each time … and the time that I am on hold )

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