Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

XX/XX/XXXX, I entered an agreement with XXXX in Minnesota following a stipulation and Confession of Judgement dated XX/XX/XXXX. I was supposed to make 9 payments total of XXXX each and I made the payments religiously until the last two payments when the creditors contacted us to say that they have severed relationship with XXXX XXXX and we should send subsequent payments to another collection agency, FIA Card Services. They gave us the new information. I completed the remaining two payments with FIA Card Services XX/XX/XXXX. To my greatest dismay, XXXX XXXX filed a judgement again me in XXXX County District Court on XX/XX/XXXX, claiming that I did not complete payment. I immediately responded with evidence of having paid the account in full, which I sent via certified mail. They received it because I received confirmation to that effect. Not hearing from them after sending the documents, I followed with several phone calls that they never returned. Now the judgement is still effective and all attempts to reach XXXX XXXX to withdraw the judgement have failed. It may interest you to know also that whenever I called and gave them the last XXXX digits of my social, another person ‘s name pops up. At one time, they said that the account did not exist and transferred me to a voice message that never got back to me.

I have had several problems with this agency. When Bank of America severed relationship with them, I was told that it was due to some inappropriate business practices. I also feel that they are trying to stick someone else ‘s debt on me but it backfired due to their negligence and lack of organization. It may also very well be a malicious act on their part.

What is even more upsetting is that they file frivolous lawsuits to get people to succumb due to lack of representation or resources. They also never send any notice of any filing or notice of summon, and just surprise people with a judgement against them. They have tried to remove funds from my account at XXXX time, claiming that my husband owed them and that too backfired, because they could not prove that my husband was on the account, and they tried as much as possible to transfer whatever they are claiming he owes them to me. This is a constant harassment from this agency and I crave your indulgence in this matter. I need justice! Thank you.

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