Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

For the winter of XXXX, I purchased my home heating oil from XXXX.

I was on a monthly billing payment of {$290.00} I terminated my business with them in the spring of XXXX ; at that time I was credited back {$290.00} for an automatic payment that had already been made.
Shortly thereafter, I received a bill from XXXX indicating that I had a balance of {$290.00}. I contacted XXXX and indicated that I did not believe that I owed them any money, and requested that they send me a detailed accout of my purchases and payments for the XXXX season ; this information was never received.

Within approximately two ( 2 ) weeks, I recieved a demand for payment, in the amount of {$290.00}, plus an {$88.00} fee, from the collection bureau of the hudson valley. I again contacted XXXX in XXXX and again requested a detailed accounting ; again I did not receive anything.

I then received, from the collection bureau of the hudson valley ( cbhv ), a demand for payment in the amount of {$680.00}!

I spoke with XXXX at CBHV, indicated the discrepency between the alleged amount due from XXXX and the {$680.00}, and I again asked for a detailed accounting of my account.

I received from XXXX a listing of payments, credits and oil deliveries for XXXX only ; I did not receive an accounting for the entire heating season.

I contacted XXXX and indicated that what was sent to me from XXXX was incomplete. In addition, while still disputing the amount of {$290.00} that XXXX originally billed me, I asked him to explain why a final demand of payment from XXXX of {$290.00} was now {$680.00} ; XXXX could not explain this discrepency.

I informed XXXX that I was again requesting a detailed accounting of my account with XXXX from XX/XX/XXXX through the end of my relationship with XXXX in the spring of XXXX.

I further informed XXXX that if I did not receive such information within two ( 2 ) weeks, I would pursue my complaint.

To summarize, I am disputing any amount due to XXXX, whether {$290.00} or {$680.00} until such time that I receive adequate documentation that I in fact owe any money.

It is also my impression, which I shared with XXXX, that I believe CBHV knowlingly, and with malice, intentionally increased the alleged amount due from {$290.00} to {$680.00}

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