Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I am a single mother of XXXX children. Late XXXX evening around XXXX a saleslady came to my door selling a cleaning product. I felt wrong about it but bought the product anyway. Shortly after making the purchase I attempted to contact her to refund the money. She would not return my phone calls or answer any emails I sent to the address on the receipt. I looked her up on the XXXX and other online sites and found out it was a scam. When the saleslady returned my messages the next day she would not refund my money. She told me she already deposited my check using a deposit company and had done it at XXXX the night before. I asked her what deposit company was open that late at night and she said one she used for her business. She finally told me if I was n’t happy with the product to cancel payment on the check. I said I did not want to because I did n’t want to pay the {$20.00} cancellation fee. I offered to meet her somewhere and return the product. She kept saying over and over just cancel the check and then you ‘ll have your refund. She would n’t give me the name of her supervisor and I could not find any of the information about her company online. I looked at the XXXX reviews and saw that one other customer had canceled her check after finding out it was a scam. I contacted her and she said she did cancel her check because it was the only way to receive the refund. She also gave me information on Nevada law that says you can cancel a door to door sales order within three days. I canceled mine within hours. I finally received a call two weeks later from MoneyTree saying they wanted to collect on the debt. I told them it was a scam and I was told by the saleslady to cancel the check. The person on the phone told me the saleslady, XXXX XXXX, cashes checks with them on a regular basis. The person on the phone also told me that it did n’t matter that there was fraud and I was told to cancel the check, they could come after me under the holder in due course. I asked them what safeguards they take to make sure this does n’t happen where there are fraudulent checks and she said they do n’t have to because I am still liable and they would not do anything to help me but call the saleslady and see if she wanted to pay. I believe that MoneyTree and this particular location in a questionable part of of town is aware of the fraud going on and I believe they are in on it because they are not taking any precautions or getting any information from the people they are getting checks from. My name and phone number were on that check and they could have called me before cashing it to see if it was a valid check and they never did. They are hiding behind the holder in due course and going after innocent people! MoneyTree would also not give me any of the saleslady ‘s information so I can contact her or go after her myself. I am now being pursued by MoneyTree. It is causing great financial strain and stress and I do not want this transaction on my credit. All they needed to do was call me like they did when the check did not clear and make sure that this check was valid. This woman came in cashing checks at XXXX at night and nobody questioned her. I think MoneyTree knows this is a scam and is helping this saleslady defraud people. If they looked on the internet they could see that everyone on there calls it a scam but they do n’t care because they threaten and go after people using the holder in due course as their defense. This saleslady stole my money by refusing to refund it even after I asked her to cancel my order. Nevada law allows me to cancel the order and if MoneyTree was not in collaboration with her, they would have made her wait three days to cash the check. It does n’t look good that they cash personally written checks at XXXX at night without even trying to verify the check.

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