Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

XXXX companies put me in collection when I did n’t owe them.
I had surgery while in the military and had an XXXX surgery at a XXXX hospital a few days later when I was XXXX.
The hospital messed up paperwork and I never got any bills then months later I was put into collection. After finding out I got my insurance to pay which they had no issue. The collection company has really impacted my credit score and I want them removed my my name! What can be done to resolve the last part of this. They made my credit go down almost XXXX points!!!!

The XXXX companies are XXXX and XXXX, they were affiliated with a terrible hospital in XXXX XXXX Texas called XXXX. This hospital was horrible and as I was was XXXX, they never gave me an XXXX till XXXX hrs later just before surgery! And my wife was cleaning up the XXXX and taking care of me as the nurses and doctors did nothing!

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