Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

XXXX XXXX, XXXX I purchased a washer and dryer set and a king mattress set from Conn ‘s. The XXXX pymt was XXXX. For the first 11 months I made the pymts before the due date between the XXXX-XXXX of the month. XXXX XXXX, XXXX. I called to asked what is the pymt amount. This was a 12mos no finance deal so I was meticulous with my timely pymts. The agent told me and I gave them a check card number. The agent must of gotten a few numbers mixed because the monies was not taken from my acct. So I called back on the XXXX to find out why pymt was not taken and I had discovered the mistake on Conn ‘s end. So I gave the agent that day my card number again this time I had them to repeat the numbers back to me. I asked for a letter to be sent out that the matter was settle and I was told that I would receive this letter. XXXX an amount of {$2200.00} was withdrawn from my acct. However, I have never received a letter. My thoughts were ( I have my bank statements, confirmation numbers, and the original contract ) About XX/XX/XXXX I started getting calls from an unknown number. This number would call me every single day, holidays and weekends up to XXXX a day! XXXX XXXX I started keeping track of conversations with conn ‘s when I found out this is who was calling. I was shocked. I told them all that I said above the agent agreed that my acct should be closed and not sure why it is still open. I have these recording of my conversations with them. Which is about XXXX all recorded. The XXXX time I spoke with an agent they said that my acct was open for a {$25.00} late fee. I told them the above stated and not to call and harass me anymore. I have never received any correspondence from Conn ‘s until XX/XX/XXXX and if there is a spot to upload these letters I will. Last this company has reported me to the bureaus XXXX times and each time and the letters are MAJOR discrepancies. In less than 3 months and after I asked conn ‘s to stop harassing me they have called me a total of XXXX times! I have screenshots and recordings and all my records to support my claims. My thoughts besides that this company has shady business practices and behaves horribly is that they thought that they can extort monies out of me because this debt is over a year old and most people do n’t have records. Newsflash and I am so proud to say that I have EVERY SINGLE DOCUMENT. LOL another thing Conn ‘s call from more than XXXX numbers also I ‘m glad that my bank statements were too large to upload and the page froze. However you can see my log book where I keep acct of my bills note next to conn ‘s is the confirmation numbers.

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