Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

My mother had a Capital One card, few hundred dollar balance. She became ill, XXXX XXXX, did n’t think straight. Did n’t pay the bill. I was on the card, too. They refused payments, sued her, and set up a payment plan. They knew she was dying. The last payment – through a court! – they claim was n’t made despite it being thru the court and the court having a record of it. Thus, I now owe them a fortune like {$7000.00}. Basically, they just refused to cash the last check, did n’t ask the court to send another XXXX, so they could go after me a few years later.

Now I am sick and uninsured. I will be garnished if I could work. I do n’t know what to do.

Also, they served us the papers at a fake address. Despite knowing our addresses just fine ( listed phone numbers! ) when ti came time to collect.

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