Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

In XXXX or around there my wife and I started XXXX XXXX XXXX with my brother and sister in law XXXX in XXXX of XXXX we opened a credit line with XXXX credit cards. In XXXX of XXXX we were bought out by the XXXX and any past and future debt we were to be indemnified. A buyout contract was drafted and signed XXXX XXXX, XXXX. A few weeks ago ( 8+years later ) I am getting phone calls from debt collectors at BBT saying that I owe b/c I am listed as a guarantor on the card and it is over 60 days late. I reached out to BB & T eventually talking to XXXX XXXX ( VP Small Business ). He asked if I had removed myself and I told him I could n’t remember something 8 years ago, but I thought I had or the XXXX were supposed to. I sent him a copy of the buyout contract, but ultimately he said I was liable b/c my name was on the sheet and that it was up to me to make sure I was removed. I asked him repeatedly why my wife was n’t getting calls for collection since she was a guarantor on their as well. He said he did n’t know, but assured me the XXXX were. Yesterday we spoke to XXXX XXXX who is the person who opened the account for the XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX and I coming in and her closing XXXX XXXX account, but said it is most likely her fault for not closing mine. There is no way my wife and I would n’t have gone in together and removed XXXX our names from this credit line. Furthermore XXXX claims she told XXXX XXXX all of this, but he still would not release me and lied to me saying he did n’t know why my wife XXXX XXXX XXXX was being called. She is not being called b/c she is not on the account any longer! I am being told that the past due delinquency is almost 90 days at which time the debt will be handed off to a collections agency and it will hit my credit. My credit score right now is a perfect XXXX.
I should not be responsible for someone elses debt. There is evidence that supports us being bought out in late XXXX and there is a person who remembers closing my wife ‘s account and saying she may be at fault for not removing myself. XXXX XXXX claimed he moved up to his superiors to plead my case with no success, but yet lied to me about my wife being on the account so I ca n’t know for certain that he went to his superiors. I am not sure what is going on, but I should n’t have to pay someone elses debt nor should my credit take a hit for something I did n’t do. XXXX said that this debt will probably be handed over to collections in the next week or so and at that time hit my credit. So with that info I am being forced to consider paying a monthly payment of a debt thats not mine to bide me time on my credit to refi my house. I threatened to take my mortgage and over XXXX accounts from BB & T with no effect, but I have started that process either way this turns out. I am being told by some that technically the bank can attach to other accounts so I am moving to not take that chance as well as I do n’t want to do business with a bank that knowingly treats their customers this way. My move has to be done before my credit tanks.

I have told XXXX that I did n’t know my name was on their. I have never received a statement in over 8 years. He asked if it was on my online banking and I said no. He went on while we were on the phone and verified that it was n’t. I also told him it did n’t appear on my credit report which I receive monthly.

I have limited time here. I do n’t have the money to pay a minimum payment and should n’t have to, but to move my mortgage I am being forced to do so.

I almost conceded to just take the hit on my credit b/c morally I was n’t going to pay the debt and BB & T was still holding me liable, but with this new evidence of XXXX XXXX I will not succumb to the big bank treating my family and I this way.

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