Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

Butte County Credit Bureau is reporting a debt from XXXX on my credit report. I have disputed this debt 3 times, yet they claim to verify it with XXXX. When i talk to the collection agency, XXXX XXXX claims this company is out of business and has noa ccess to any contracts, but has my name saying i owe money. After dealing with him for two weeks he stated we are at a stalemate, and will continue to report this debt that does not belong to me. I have asked him if he has a contract or my signature which he states he does not. But he states all he needs is my name. It is outrageous this agency can get away with ruining a persons credit with out verifying the debt what so ever. Logic tells me any sort of contract would have a signature which this agency will not furnish. They claim it is due to the company being out of business. I then asked if i was to pay you money today, who would actually get this money? He stated he was not sure. This needs to be stopped!

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