Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

On XX/XX/XXXX I paid off off XXXX bill or shortly after and and started my service with XXXX on the same day XX/XX/XXXX. Later around a month-and-a-half I was sent a bill for {$280.00} from XXXX claiming that they were sending it to collections so when I got my bill I went into the XXXX store and had a conversation about this issue and was told that it was after that if there was 20 days left in the month and that ‘s what that charge was. Which is illegal to do and I have since gone to them and ask him to show me where it ‘s listed in their contract and they did not show me because they could n’t produce the information.

Two days ago I called the answer to the collection agency and was forwarded to the internal law office where I spoke to someone that was very rude and did not want to give me any information regarding the charge that I supposedly must pay before they can take it off of the credit bureau butt this derogatory inquired that was placed on my credit is not right because it ‘s not a credible charge from XXXX which should have been verified by the credit bureau before putting it on to my file.

By placing this on my credit report it brought my score down by XXXX points or more and he ‘s threatening 2 damage my credit even more and to take me to court for {$280.00} which is ridiculous.

I would have made the payment arrangements but I do n’t owe the money so why make the payment arrangement I asked could they give me or show me proof that we owed them money and they said no, you no longer are a customer, I was told that l am a client and someone that you have to deal with now! ( Pure Ignorance )

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