Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

In XXXX 2015 I received notification from my mortage compnay that my note was sold. I recieved information on new servicing company and promptly updated my ” billpay info ” at my bank. Set up payment for XXXX to be recvd by mortgage svcr on XXXX, due date XXXX.
-On XXXX, I received correspondence from new mortgage servicing company indicating my original note required EFT payments. I called the servicer to confirm the information. At that time the representative did NOT mention I was ” Past Due ”.
– On XXXX, I called servicer with questions with their form, the representative was NOT able to answer my question. ( What my monthly payment is ). Did NOT mention I was ” PAST DUE ”.

For 1 week hence, every day I received calls from BSI, ” attempting to collect a debt ”.

– On XXXX XXXX, I received correspondence again, this time stating I was ” PAST DUE ” for my XXXX payment. I confirmed with my bank the bill pay was sent on the XXXX for XXXX receipt. I contacted BSI to inquire where the disconnect was, the representative confirmed receipt of payment on XXXX.
– On XXXX, XXXX I received a telephone call that I was able to take as I was off from work that day, from BSI, wanting to know how I would like to pay my past due bill. I escalated the call and recounted my story to XXXX, Supervisor- advised she and BSI need to revamp their training and make sure they are not calling to harass customers who have paid their bills.
– On XXXX, AGAIN received correspondence from BSI, dated. XXXX, stating my ” PAST DUE ” amount. PAID on EARLY on XXXX.

This HARASSING communication from a company that I did NOT chose to do business with, is completely and totally OUT OF BOUNDS and illegal! I want BSI sanctioned for this behavior, from not XXXX, XXXX or even XXXX employees … this seems to be a pattern with this company.

PLEASE MAKE THEM STOP!, If they are doing this to me, I can imagine they are doing this to unsuspecting individuals out there in the population.

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