Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I feel like I am at a disadvantage against Ad Astra. I have explained my self in debth and requested they stop their aggressive and annoying methods of contacting me and yet they refuse to hear me out. This account should be deleted from my credit report. they are making me reach un realistic means to proof myself to them while i sit back and allow them to pretend that they are a legitimate business and that they care about the oidenty theft i endured. I have asked them to remove this account from my credit report, not so much because of their obviously ILLEGAL tactics of trying to obtain a debt from me, but because etches was not a loan that I EVER requested nor are there any items of proof or any evidence or ANY investigation for that matter. I am very offended and afraid of this company. They had been calling and calling my cell phone and home phone at all hours of the day and when I bought my concerns here to this portal they denied EVERYTHINg and claimed that it never happened and then they proceeded to pretend like they cared about me and the fraud that wa done to me and that they sent me numerous pamphlets and paperwork to followup and go to the police station and have NOTORIZED! Who are these people! I have to bend over backwards to prove myself? I ams so offended by these people, I am so afraid of these people. I have asked them in the past to leave me alone and they have not. Then they tried to act like they were good people when I brought my fears here to your CFPB portal. I think that they are fake and liars. I have read MANY traumatizing stories about this company and someone had blogged about coming to this portal and filing complaints and stopping the,. But they continue to send me voice messages. They even spoke to my mother and discussed the ” debt that I was Scheuled to pay ”. I have NEVER schedule any payments with them. I am certain that this was not lawful. Most importantly, who is going to investigate their usage of robotic voice calling? I have relied those annoying calls. I WIL Not submit to these people. they expect me to go to hell and back to prove myself yet they can not follow the law themselves and prove anything back to me! All they have hurtfully done is repeatedly defended their ” clients ” who ever that may be against me and I feel ABSOLUTELY HELPLESS AND HURT! What are my options? I will not deal with them anymore. They are deceitful and XXXX!

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