Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I was contacted by ECMC first time XX/XX/XXXX about defaulted student loans. I communicated with them that I am in the process of consolidation and I ‘m just about finished with school and how that could be? I was under the impression I had a few months left after class ended!

I also added all loans would be serviced by XXXX and I have an accepted consolidation loan set for disbursement in after I submitted my paperwork. At this time the Caller informed me that they are servicer and need to collect on ” this debt ”. They demanded payment regardless of my stance of ” in school deferment or the anticipation of consolidation.

XXXX XXXX I noticed a ” trade line ” on my credit report summarizing data pertaining to the recently paid-off student loan and a collection accounts reported by ECMC as a Paid collection along with several others with varying dates of collection ” reported date XX/XX/XXXX ” I have since contacted them and they will transfer me to a line with no answer or hang up. I have sent them proof of full time enrollment from XX/XX/XXXX-XX/XX/XXXX and asked for verification with no response or action. They have also reported Date of first delinquency wrong and also Date of Default has changed on other reports.

When I do speak to someone and its regarding collection they take the stance ” we are the owner of this debt but when it comes to attempting to show proof of enrolment/deferment they take the stance that it needs to be filed with the original creditor.

I have clearly shown them that the loans are in deferment and in consolidation thus i get the canned response not according to our records and we demand payment … .They are causing a XXXX XXXX to enter the market with horrible credit and undue stress because of their lack of keeping sound records, constant changes to my credit report etc. In accurate date of first delinquency ( Because XXXX county and XXXX XXXX do n’t have one ) I WANT ALL ECMC TRADELINES REMOVED Higher Education Act or FCRA they are in violation. I am also in the process on obtaining supporting data from the XXXX original creditors showing in school deferment and will take on their absorbent fees they added on.

Some how the DHE got it right with their reporting but ECMC cant figure it out : -/ Please HELP ( PLEASE SEE attached XXXX Is the original Creditor showing DOFD XX/XX/XXXX and the ECMC XX/XX/XXXX ) As you can see XXXX and US dept of education are no negitives and current due to in school deferment.

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