Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

On XX/XX/XXXX got a msg to call XXXX. Called & person asked for XXXX. Tried to inform woman that ‘s not my legal or common name, only XXXX. She kept berating & yelling, finally claiming that I was rude & hung up on me. I called back and informed next woman that I had filed for ChXXXX XX/XX/XXXX and had no bad debts what so ever. She promised to take my # off their list. Rec ‘d a call XXXX XXXX Sunday about XXXX then again at about XXXX. Informed woman that Collection agencies should not call on Sunday especially if I do n’t owe them! Today XXXX XXXX got another call @ XXXX and woman ( LOL ) was reading me my XXXX XXXX over the phone. After informing her that I have no bad debts since BK XX/XX/XXXX, I kept repeating ” Cease and desist ” to her because they have no right to harass me for someone else ‘s debts! The name of the agency given to me XX/XX/XXXX was Credit Control but today the ” law enforcement ” sounding woman said she was with ” something..XXXX XXXX ” I do n’t remember the exact name. When I called back the phone # on XXXX XXXX, the woman on the line said the debt was for housing in XXXX. I think it is in California but I ‘m not sure. The caller today tried to scare me by impersonating the actions of real law enforcement personnel. I have clean record but have watched countless detective shows on TV and so I know what the Miranda Rights are!

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