Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

XXXX I paid in Full to ” NCO Financial System Debt collector ” for Creditor XXXX and advised me to keep my receipt due to during that time Collection agency, attorney and banks were involve in embezzling, scams, frauds and charge clients double amounts, On XXXX XXXX Law represent ” NCO Financial System ” stated judgement were made on XXXX for same Debt account, I called and faxed settle Paid in Full and account was close on XXXX. few days later I called them back to confirm if my document was received and was confirmed and not to worry, not knowing why I keep receiving same Debt so I consult with another attorney, On XXXX I received another judgment, Garnishment/Levy to my Bank from same attorney XXXX , I again called their office and faxed receipt from NCO on XXXX, I was told if I did n’t get a call back from them means no actions would go forward and not to worry, so I thought everything is fine and did n’t take my money.
since Year of XXXX I had XXXX due to XXXX at work, being abusive at home from my ex husband n take care of my children leads to divorce in XXXX n final divorce judgment order from Judge to sell my home in XXXX, I closed my account in XXXX n found XXXX garnished total mount of {$130.00} + {$4800.00} plus {$50.00} non refundable from my checking in XXXX! I have copy of the garnishment from bank, XXXX I called the Law Firm multiple times to request my money back and again fax my document.
XXXX my call got transfer to XXXX, he told me if they did n’t do anything in XXXX then why now? and is too late cause of legislature and why wait 10 years and he not longer work with NCO Financial, I respond I texted and what their office told me ( attachment attach ) I respond 10 years ago I send and faxed my proof and told they have my document and not to worry which he ignore in XXXX because he want my money is like I ‘m been Robbed, I felt he took advantage of me due to his profession as attorney and not communicate with his client and took my money for himself. I felt violated and victim of scam after I Paid in Full t rob me, I am requesting my money back plus what I been through with this account.

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