Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

i received a call on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX from a guy by the name of XXXX XXXX stating he was from Nationwide Intermediary Services. he was looking for my ex wife. I told him I did n’t have any way of contacting her, he stated she took a loan out on XXXX of XXXX said my name and SS # was also on it and that I was responsible for the debt. I told him that I knew nothing about this and I was not responsible for this debt. XXXX states that I was responsible for it since my name was on it. I once more told him I did n’t sign for any loan and I would n’t be held responsible for something I did n’t do. then he goes to telling me it was in the amount of {$3900.00}, and that with all the charges on it ended up being {$6200.00}. but if I paid it on that day or before XXXX XXXX it would not go against my credit score. then he said I could give him a credit card number are he preferred a debit card that I could pay it off for only {$1500.00} by that afternoon. I told him this is a SCAM! he states no its not they will garnish your wages and revoke your drivers license if this is n’t paid. I told him send me an email let me look at it. he then sends me an email and called me back again asking if I was ready to send the payment? I told him I would send a money order or a cashiers check to him.. he states o we cant accept that only credit card or preferred debit card. I pretty much told him to XXXX off. after checking with XXXX of NY they stating this is a scam. also read online other have also been scammed by these people. the number used to call me was ( XXXX ) XXXX

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