Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I paid a debt from a debt collection company, that sent me a letter stating that I pay a certain amount to be taken off my credit report. The letter stated I pay 50 % of the bill, that will bring the account to a XXXX balance and it will be deleted off my credit report. I ‘ve called several times after I made the payment because they subtracted the money I paid which made it balance that I would owed. I ‘ve disputed with the credit bureau and submitted documentation to prove my case, but yet, still see this account on my credit report. However, they did bring the balance to a XXXX balance but have not removed it off my credit report. I ‘ve called them since then about this situation and all they have done was give me the run-arounds – but the second time I called, I finally got someone by the name of, XXXX XXXX. She was the one that I told I made the payment but the account was not at a zero balance. She claimed I did n’t make the payment on time – so I had to go to my bank statement and tell her what day I paid it on, which was before the date that was stated on the letter. I am filing a complaint today because this company is not a worthy company. They show poorly representation and false advertisement, per documents! I was to pay {$190.00} which include {$7.00} for a collection fee but ended up paying that collection fee twice. Just to clarify!

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