Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I installed a new furnace in my house in XXXX XXXX. Through the heating company they gave me a XXXX credit card through Synchrony bank. I thought ‘Cool. I can pay this off in installments ‘. Silly me, I made my payments without issue for about a year and a half. I did n’t pay close enough attention because sometime in there they started charging me {$120.00} / month for a card security fee I did not agree to! I sadly did not notice this until all of a sudden I am over my credit limit and they are wanting a payment of {$700.00}. Shame on me. I checked my statements. Apparently to make up for lost time, there were some extra charges in there. I contacted Synchrony. The first person i talked to told me they could n’t do anything. I asked for a manager. I explained my situation and she told me i was not the only on that had this happen. Seriously? They think this is okay? She then directed me to another company. I was able to get a {$5600.00} credit. I thought this would help clear up them thinking I owed more than double my normal payment. I was wrong.
I called them to clear up the misunderstanding and for them to fix the damage done to my credit score. I was told I had a payment that was paid, online, two days after the due date in XXXX XXXX and this was why it was late every month there after. Two days!!! They do not have a grace period and did NEVER mentioned that in any form of communication or on their website. I am now struggling to get my credit score fixed.
If you look at my account with Synchrony, I do not currently owe anything. however on their end I am {$300.00} behind.
I would not recommend doing business with Synchrony to anyone. This has been a 3 month battle for me and I am still fighting to get this cleared up.

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