Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I had a joint account orginally with XXXX then XXXX XXXX ( name change ) that was open in XXXX XXXX. The terms of the purchase was a promotion that ended a year later. Monthly, most times Bimonthly payments were made directly from my bank account to XXXX bank. I did complete the payments in XXXX. I got a letter from the Magistrate ‘s Court I believe in XXXX XXXX. I was being sued in a civil matter by XXXX XXXX Collection Attorney, XXXX XXXX of Patenaude & Felix citing non payment of the TOTAL amount of the credit! We appeared in court on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX. I presented over XXXXpage of bank statements showing the dates and amounts of the payments that were made to XXXX. The Plaintiff ‘s attorney had no proof of non payment. The Judge taliied the payments and found it to be paid off and found in my favor. In XXXX XXXX I got notice that a default judgement was ordered against me for the amount that I had proven already paid plus court costs. I had gotten Notice of XXXX or XXXX date … ONLY the judgement. I went to PA and immediately filed a petition to srike the judgement ( i becane an attorney in 4 hours )! A few days later I got the notice of the judge granting my petition & a new trial date was set for XXXX/XXXX/XXXX. The following day I got XXXX XXXX acknowledgement. On XXXX/XXXX/XXXX I took the bus to PA and the plaintiff ‘s attorney never showed so the judge ruled in my favor. An appeal was never submitted as I did not receive any notice as clarification was noted as to which address they should send any information to. So stand. my original finding & judgement from XXXX/XXXX/XXXX that the credit was paid off. I submitted the dispositions to XXXX, once in XXXX and again in XXXX. They removed the entry from my credit file. I was unaware that I had to individually submit documents to all XXXX bureaus. Recently I had my credit run as I am trying to obtain a VA home loan. The agent informed me that my XXXX was XXXX, they could n’t get my XXXX and XXXX was XXXX. He informed me that XXXX XXXX was listing a charge off for over {$5000.00}! I uploaded and mailed all three bureaus the court documents and waited a month and XXXX and XXXX remained unchanged. I called both. I was told XXXX review was on going BUT XXXX stated they could not remove the listing because there is no link between XXXX and the court documents! I then proceded to send them XXXX pages of court files clearly depecting the link between XXXX XXXX, the amount they were pursuing, their collection agent XXXX XXXX of Patenaude and Felix and the XXXX Court Rulings in my favor. After many hours of frustrating phone calls I do not know what else they need to remove this negative from my file. I have paid Synchrony, proven that in a US court, paid additional money to file petitions, won that, travel to PA, fax and mail several pges of documents on more that one occassion and they STILL do not have enough evidence! XXXX handed the case to a debt collector. Contacting them INSTEAD of the debt collector will keep me in the same place since my court documents are not enough for these credit bureaus. I have lost all patience, my character has been slandered and I have no more money to out into fighting a case that should never had been. Please help!

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