Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

Debt was paid at the end of XX/XX/XXXX because I got XXXX in XX/XX/XXXX. My mother paid for that bill inFULL. I got a bill for collections for medical {$730.00}. I have a private doctor and XXXX and XXXX which COVERS ALL hospital and medical procedures will attach a COPY. tHE LAST XXXX BILL WAS OPENED IN XX/XX/XXXX, and the other one was open XX/XX/XXXX. I have had XXXX SINCE I GOT OUT XX/XX/XXXX until present. ACCORDING TO COLLECTIONS AND PAPERWORK WILL SHOW THAT i WAS XXXX AT THAT TIME AND IT IS IMPossible for me to apply for a phone in XXXX!!!!! … Please investigate and any information needed please feel free to email me or call me XXXX, The XXXX debts are illegeitmate and the one debt for XXXX for XXXX opened on XX/XX/XXXX was PAID IN FULL. PLEASE CONTACT T-MOBILE and ask them why my account was open when i was it was paid in full and the other claim I was XXXX for 7 months more after the account was open ; and who authorized this transaction of opening another line on my name wihile me being XXXX in unsafe and strictly unprofessional. If these debts are not erased I WIll contact a lawyer if proof given today is not enough, the last image is the imei number which can tell you where the phone is and when it was used last. Please look into that as it will clear me,

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