Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

Pinnacle Credit Services , LLC sent a letter out with a XXXX IRS form notifying me of my ” cancellation of debt ”, and that it is being reported to the IRS as income, which I now have to pay taxes on. Problem is, I never owed them or the original creditor they claim they ” bought ” the debt from, anything! This was the first time I was even made aware that this shady company even had a ” collection ” against me!

Even the original creditor, XXXX XXXX, confirmed that I have never had an account with them, therefore I could n’t possibly owe them anything, or the collection agency they use ( which is Pinnacle Credit Services ) and said ” something is very wrong, but they ca n’t do anything to help, since I do n’t, or never had any account with them that they could even go off of to see how Pinnacle Credit Services even got my name and/or SSN!

So now, I have to file forms with the IRS for Tax Fraud against this company to prevent them from claiming they forgave a debt which is taxable.

They refused to have any conversations on the phone, and after several hours of calling them and being put on hold every time until they decided to just hang up the line, my only recourse at the moment is to file complaints. I ‘m now in the process of filing with the Mn. attorney generals office, the XXXX attorney generals office, as well as filing Identity theft charges against this ” company ”, as well as trying to get them to delete their fraudulent reports on my credit.

They at no time have ever contacted me about this ” debt ” and will give me no information as to original account information from the original ” creditor ”, no date at which they ” bought ” the debt, and no information as to how they have my personal information when the ” creditor ” they listed as being the people they ” bought ” the debt from has no idea or account information regarding this so called ” debt ” in any of their records!

This company is a fraud, and is committing a crime, and I ‘m not the only one they have done this to, and are doing it to as this is read.

I was advised by the XXXX. state Attorney generals office that they would start an investigation into this company for identity theft on a broad scale if more people having these issues would contact them and file a report and make them aware of what ‘s going on ( not like they do n’t already known, a simple search of the internet will yield numerous complaints of this very thing! ) but seeing this company ( Pinnacle Credit Services ) is a ” LLC ( limited liability company ) operated by several small shady law firms, I ‘m sure someone up the political tree is getting their palms greased and they will go unpunished.

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