Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I resided at XXXX XXXX Apartments from about XXXX in which I paid rent. In XXXX I lost my job. I was in direct contact with the Property Manager XXXX XXXX, who told me if I left within a certain time frame that I would not owe anything. Now, XXXX years later I am being asked to pay back {$8400.00} which I never owed even when I lived there, and even if I broke my lease the amount would not be that high still! I was never contacted until a few months ago from a place called Rent Recover LLC. I do not owe this money. I did not owe that much money when I left. When I called the office at XXXX point to inquire if this would affect me getting another apartment they said I only owed about {$1000.00}. I filed with the XXXX, but they would not respond.

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