Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

In XXXX I was contacted by a representative from XXXX University about returning to school. This was in response to the fact that I was posting my resume on job search sites. I have a varied education ; First year in college, I was XXXX, XXXX year different University, XXXX, then 2 years at different university studying XXXX. A few years later I completed 2 years at XXXX XXXX XXXX, 2 years in XXXX training, and accrued many licenses and certificates. The XXXX University rep tells me they can take all this and my 35 years of XXXX experience into a XXXX or XXXX XXXX. That would look good on a resume.I am XXXX XXXX XXXX at this time, and do not want to spend years in school at this point, but credit for all this plus life experience? He has me apply for admission. This was a common practice when I graduated XXXX XXXX, I applied to several schools and saw who accepted me and chose from those that did. So I applied and was accepted! Pleasant surprise. He said they would have to check on how many credits I would get. I was less inclined to get involved in any education other than employer on the job type, but this guy is calling me daily. XXXX day, again I am telling him know, he says ” Let me walk you into a classroom and you can see how it is ” I never do chat rooms or that sort, but he has me log into this conversation. It is about people saying what they want to get from college and what their goals are. He has me wish XXXX or XXXX people good luck and then we left the ” Classroom ”. The following week the pressure continues I was losing patience and telling the guy to stop calling which he eventually did after a few more attempts. Meanwhile, I had researched XXXX University on the Internet and found many disparaging comments and negative experiences. This was definitely not for me. I considered the case closed. Fast forward to XXXX. I get some calls offering to renegotiate my student debt. I tell them I do n’t have any. I also get calls for credit card debt, life insurance and other stuff on my cell phone. XXXX of my calls are from some company or another going to solve my financial difficulties. I have very good credit. Then I begin getting calls from Williams and Fudge, XXXX XXXX, SC that I owe a debt. I ask what for, they reply XXXX University! What? I told them I do not owe XXXX University, never got a loan, books, credits or started school. After they call me a few more times, I request documentation. They sent me a statement for {$4400.00} in tuition, {$140.00} in books. The {$140.00} was later taken off. In XXXX, XXXX they adjusted tuition to {$1100.00}, and in XXXX XXXX they wrote it off as a bad debt. I am unaware of any of this activity, never received a bill or approved this. I suppose XXXX sold their bad debts to this collection agency which is trying to collect whatever they can. This however is not a bad debt, it is an unjustified debt resulting from aggressive salespeople ( whatever happened to guidance counselors? ) who enroll students in classes and incur charges that the student did not authorize, for services that were not received. My concern is that the collection agency, Williams & Fudge, will damage my credit, report this as an unpaid debt, as they continue to call me. I see that in the meantime, XXXX University and their parent company have basically been shut down for fraud. I feel this is part of that fraud and nuisance efforts to collect this debt shall cease and desist, and no derogatory comments be posted to any of my credit reports. I suppose there are many accounts that XXXX turned over to Williams and Fudge. XXXX never provided any documents, and I never signed anything. In the documentation, it states electronic signature and classes selected, choices made that were news to me. No transcripts were ever requested. Thank-You

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