Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I got a letter from XXXX. They say I owe a debt on a membership from 1986. Yes, believe it or not, 1986!!!! I told them I do not have a XXXX. I have n’t had a membership to a gym in years. As soon as I was dumb enough to call them from the letter, they got my phone number. They call me XXXX or XXXX times a day. I asked them what was the amount of the debt and they tell me XXXX that is current. I say … current from 1986? These people continue to fish for more and more information. I am actually scared these people will continue to try to get info from me and try to get more info and use it against me.

ABC FinancialXXXX XXXX XXXX, AR XXXXXXXXHow can we stop them? What are my rights?

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