Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

XXXX XXXX I purchased ( paid cash ) a home from H.U.D. I use the home as a XXXX residence in XXXX. In XXXX when I arrived back at the home, it had been broken into and secured by XXXX, XXXX XXXX, I found a paper taped to the outside of the door exclaiming ” The mortgage servicer intends to protect this property from waste and/or deterioration ”. Please keep in mind I paid cash for this property and there was no mortgage!! The new door I had replaced in XXXX had been kicked open, the ( new XXXX ) storage shed had also been broken into and doors damaged. They did not take anything and they only replaced the locks on the damaged door at the house and shed. So they did not ” fully ” secure it, they knew they were wrong!! The note also stated if not vacant or abandoned to call immediately. This note was on the outside of the door, they also left a bigger note on the inside window to be viable from the outside regarding whom to contact ( XXXX ) in case of vandalism or city ordinance violations..This note also clearly stated ” XXXX DOES NOT HAVE SALE/RENTAL INFORMATION ” I called the number provided on this poster and they asked for the address and my mortgage companies name..When I advised I did not have a mortgagee on this property I paid cash to HUD they would not give me any info as to whom authorized the break in to secure it. I even threatened to call the police to no avail. It was as if they were protecting their client from being identified. They would not give me the name of the mortgage company allowing me to make contact. I had to research the county records to find out whom the previous mortgage holder was. I found FlagStar Bank had held the previous mortgage so I called XXXX and when they asked whom my mortgagor was I told them Flagstar bank, they then confirmed that it was Flagstar Bank that I need to make pay or make arrangements with. I contacted the assistant to the President of Flagstar and was told I would need to file a request on XXXX of their forms and they would get back to me. I then informed him no way in heck was I going to file a claim on XXXX of their stupid forms and they better darn well pay for my damages that they had caused to be done or I ‘d file suit against them. To make this short he did agree to check it out and they did finally admit their wrong doing but would n’t offer what I thought was a fair offer regarding my damages. I have started a legal suit against them. My concern is how many times have they already done this and/or how many more times will they repeat it? You folks ( Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ) fined this same bank XXXX XXXX dollars for their improper mortgage practices in XXXX of XXXX. File No XXXX. Yet they seem not to care, The excuse I was given we are in the process of changes some of our policies and this must have slipped through the cracks. This is suppose to be a Financial Institution that follows the legal banking rules and regulations? Attempting to repossess a property XXXX for the same loan that they had already gone through the process of returning it for the government loan guarantee and HUD had already resold. I ca n’t believe they could be so incompetent, especially after being fined ( evidently a small enough amount that it did n’t make a difference to them ) XXXX XXXX dollars for what I would call similar practices regarding handling mortgages!

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