Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

On XXXX/XXXX/2015 I purchased an item thru XXXX. XXXX withdrew the total amount from my checking account on the same day. This purchase was cancelled over the phone and XXXX credited my account on XXXX. Later on, I decided to purchase the item again and XXXX withdrew the money again on XXXX … so, the item got PAID and it was received. I do n’t know what kind of mess they have between XXXX and XXXX that 2 months later, XXXX billed me for the same item, with interest and late fees. I had never received a bill from XXXX so I called. They kept on transferring calls between XXXX and XXXX without resolving the problem … XXXX promised to file a dispute, refund PaypalCredit and let me know. I received a second bill with more late charges ( please note, XXXX had already been paid because my checking account was linked to them ). I called again and after speaking with XXXX different people, finally I could talk to a supervisor who reviewed the account and came to the conclusion that if XXXX had paid for the item on XXXX, XXXX should not withdraw the money from my account on XXXX. She promised me that XXXX would refund XXXX, and that I would not owe them anything. I called XXXX and they told me that as soon as they received the money ( {$76.00} ) from XXXX, the account would be closed. A XXXX letter came in with more late charges, the bill was already over {$160.00} and I called them again. After speaking with XXXX or XXXX different people, a supervisor assured me that I would never receive a bill again because the problem had been resolved ; yet, she transferred the call to another XXXX Supervisor who confirmed that I would never receive another bill. At this point, I had already have a nervous breakdown. To my surprise, I received another bill today, XXXX/XXXX/2015 in the amount of {$200.00} ( again with late fees ). This bill is already in the Collections Department. Please note that I received XXXX item and I paid for it ( please see picture attached which is a screenshot from my bank account. Today I called again at XXXX Eastern Standard Time, and at XXXX ( XXXX hours & XXXX mn later ) I was still with them on the phone with both ( XXXX and XXXX, trying to resolve this issue. I spoke with XXXX different people – all of them asked me for my information over and over and over. Now they have all my private information, SS #, my bank information, everything! They kept on transferring the phone between XXXX and XXXX and can not resolve the problem. In the meantime, I am bombarded with bills and late fees for something that has been paid. Please contact them and help me resolve this issue. Thank you.

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