Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I have previously disputed these medical debt online with the credit reporting bureau ‘s and each time they continue to say the accounts are verified, but yet I never received anything and the debts would stay on my reports. Finally I sent Alliance Collection Agency a debt validation letter invoking my rights and utilizing the Texas XXXX XXXX. I specifically asked for XXXX XXXX info so that I know Alliance Collection is licensed to collect a debt in the state of Texas, I asked for some sort of a signed contact that authorizes Alliance Collection to collect this debt for the medical provider. I asked for a signed contact that was allegedly signed by me that I authorized the medical services. I asked for a number of things that I am entitled to under the Texas XXXX XXXX and I was ignored. When these debts originally happened years ago, I had an issue with identity theft and my brothers would take my personal ID and use it at their discretion. My brothers and I look a lot alike and that is why I find it absolutely important that I know these debts are mine and that I was not another victim of identity theft. I have had to deal with courts and police officers from the past because when my brothers would get in trouble, they would use my name and I would have to deal with it. Under Texas XXXX XXXX XXXX for debt validation I have had my rights as a Texas consumer violated and ignored. I sent Alliance Collection Agency a debt validation letter to confirm this debt is mine and they ignored my request. Under the current law,30 days should be enough time to validate such requests.And it has been well past the 30 day mark! I mailed the above named company I letter on XXXX/XXXX/15, they received and signed for the letter on XXXX/XXXX/15. They violated my request in 2 ways. 1, for ignoring my request, and 2, for continued attempt to collect on this debt by actively reporting to the XXXX major Credit Bureaus XXXX There is plenty of supporting case law to back this claim up, that actively reporting to the bureau ‘s is in deed a form of debt collection. I have not received any info from this collection agency to prove I owe this debt. I find it malicious, and I feel I have been taking advantage of by Alliance Collection Agency and I would like all accounts with Alliance Collection Agency removed and deleted from all XXXX credit bureau ‘s. I have uploaded supporting documents to help prove my case. In my supporting documents, you can see all the account numbers I referenced and that I needed debt validation.Thank you so much and I really hope the CFPB can see that alliance collection agency has taken advantage of my rights and the law. You are my last hope for resolving this matter and because of Alliance Collection Agency I have been in extreme anxiety and other forms of XXXX because of the grief they have caused me. I have tried so many times to handle this matter as an adult and take care of it responsibly but they have ignore my every request. Have a good day.

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