Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I bought a XXXX phone for my girlfriend ‘s son in XXXX XXXX while I was on vacation. After XXXX months the phone was stolen from him. He never informed me that the phone was stolen, I found out late XXXX 2014. I asked him if he contacted XXXX about turning off the phone? He said he could not turn off the phone because XXXX needed my social security number. I did not give him my ss #.

I got a phone call from XXXX in XXXX 2014, that the cell phone bill was {$430.00}. I explained to them that the phone was stolen in XXXX XXXX. and asked that they shut off the phone. XXXX said, ” I WAS NOT THE OWNER OF THE PHONE AND COULD NOT REQUEST TO HAVE IT TURNED OFF. ” Then I asked, ” So why are you telling me that I owe XXXX {$430.00}, if the phone is not mine? ” I said to the representative that something does n’t sound right about this. ” XXXX months later, I received a bill in XXXX from XXXX saying that I owe {$840.00} and It ‘s going to collections.

I immediately called XXXX and demanded an explanation. I was told that since I bought the phone, I am responsible for the bill. I challenged that statement because of what they told me 2 months before, that I was not the owner of the phone!

I received a collections letter from an agency demanding {$430.00}. Then I received a second collections letter from Maury Cobb & Assoc. LLC form XXXX, Al for {$820.00}.

The first XXXX calls from XXXX were threats to collect the debt via voice mail, calling my phone at least XXXX times per day. They use XXXX, XXXX and XXXX numbers to call, and rotate the calls daily.
I have tried calling XXXX on numerous occasions, at least XXXX times per day. Whenever I call the numbers back, I receive a recorded message to leave a message and someone will get in touch with me.
I contacted XXXX again but they insist that I have to pay although – : ( 1 ) The phone was stolen and was not in my possession ; ( 2 ) I pointed out that they told me I could not turn off the phone ( while the bill was at {$430.00} ) ; ( 3 ) They said that the phone was not mine, and I had no authority to turn off the phone ; ( 4 ) Then 2 months later, they insisted that I am now the legal owner of the phone and have to pay {$820.00}.

Can someone please tell me what ‘s going on with XXXX and Maury Cobb & Associates LLC? Am I responsible for the {$820.00} bill?

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