Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

My complaint is against BB & T. The story begins back in XXXX of XXXX with my attempts to contact them to refinance my XXXX and XXXX mortgages because I knew that in the coming months I would not be able to afford both mortgages but might could if I combined them into XXXX. Despite numerous attempts on my part to get someone to contact me a out a refi, the time came when I was XXXX month away from having no more money to fall back on to make my regular payment. So I contacted their collection department to let them know about the impending doom. Since i was still current they could not help me, which I already knew but didnt know who else to call, so they transferred me to their loan modification department. I explained my story again and was told they could n’t help me until I was already behind. I explained to them that XXXX Bank held the XXXX mortgage. They said do t worry about them because since they were in second position they couldnt take our house. When I finally had no other choice but to get behind I called their loan modification dept again. To make a long story short, after filling out the same exact paperwork XXXX TIMES and having them tell us on the XXXX XXXX attempts that they never received it, on the fourth attempt my husband stayed on the phone with an actual person until he received it via fax at which point we were told foreclosure had already been started and there was nothing that could be done. OF COURSE NOT!!
Since that time which by this point was I think late XXXX, keeping in mind that I had to file BANKRUPTCY in XXXX to make this ” go away ” or so I thought. Since that time they have ” foreclosed ” on this house XXXX TIMES, didnt know that was even possible. XXXX of which were after I filed the chapter XXXX BK and they did send letters to us and run our names in our local paper each time. At the third attempt of their attorney contacting us, we had an attorney friend of mine send them a cease and desist letter. To NO ONE ‘S SURPRISE they changed lawyers and contacted us AGAIN. They are going to run it in our local paper AGAIN!
I will say this with 100 % honesty ; if I had known back in XXXX that it would take them this long to get their ducks in a row, I would have just lived for free in that house and AT LEAST it would not be in the shape it is in after having set for FIVE years basically unattended.
This is ridiculous! It is unprofessional to say the least! I have NO CLUE how it is not perceived as harassment because LET ME ASSURE YOU I feel harrassed! Especially after I made every good faith effort I possibly could to work this debt out before it got to the point it did.
The damage has already been done to me and my family by these …. People! Please investigate their heinous business practices and stop them from doing this to others.

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