Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I have never had XXXX at my residence in my name! XX/XX/XXXX they were running a special on programming for XXXX, so I inquired about signing up. So I am placed on the phone with a XXXX associate that tells me that I have already had XXXX at my current residence and there is an outstanding bill of over {$700.00} from XX/XX/XXXX-XX/XX/XXXX. So I explain to this person that I have never had XXXX, I have never received a bill from XXXX ever …. and also I did not live at this residence during that time. I was told that maybe a previous tenant ordered it in my name, but that XXXX had been installed at my address in XX/XX/XXXX in my name, and I did not occupy this residence during that time and I explained this to the associate, which then tells me that I will have to file fraud charges to avoid responsibility of this debt. This is a scam because this company did not have my personal information until I gave it to them on inquiry day XX/XX/XXXX, more than 10 years after they say someone at my address used my name to obtain XXXX! I have not filed fraud charges because I have no idea who to charge! I have no proof of this bill or said account or name of person pretending to be if that is the case! I feel this is a scam to collect money that I do not owe and refuse to pay because it is not my debt!!!!

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