Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

Fraudulent charges were reported on my XXXX account. I took numerous efforts to resolve this with XXXX directly. I was told no debt was owed. I then was contacted numerous times by this collection agency after telling them that the account was in good standing.

After resolving the issue with my own creditors, I contacted the FTC and the XXXX about the issue and made complaints on my behalf regarding the errant reporting done by XXXX as well as the collections agency. I received no calls from the collection agency after until today, XXXX XXXX, 2015, almost a year later.

I explained again that XXXX errantly reported my account, that I have legal representation and am a part of many customers who were a victim of a class action lawsuit filed against XXXX. I told them that I can not be called during work hours, as it is not allowed for me to take personal calls, and that they should not be contacting me any further. I told them the XXXX time that if they wanted to contact me, they could speak with my lawyer, and they never have called him once to this day. I am still being harassed for no reason about money that XXXX told me I did not owe! Any efforts I made to reconcile the account, I was told I still owed money, even though the justification for the charges were errant ( such as being charged a contract termination fee, when I did not have a contract ), and when I had originally closed the account and talked to the representative, I was told I did not owe XXXX money. Then two months later the debt collection agency contacted me without any forewarning, letter, call or e-mail from XXXX saying I had money owed.

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