Credit decision / Underwriting

My husband and myself are XXXX with excellent credit. We applied for an investment loan twice ( XX/XX/XXXX/XX/XX/XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX ) through Quicken Loans and on both occassions we were quickly pre-approved and reassured that we ‘d be able to close the transaction but later denied funding. On both occassions, after we already had a sales contract, paid for inspecton, application fee and appraisal, and many weeks into the transaction, we were told that the loan could not be funded.
1. We were not able to purchase a duplex in XX/XX/XXXX/XX/XX/XXXX because after 4-5 weeks after pre-approval and countless documents sent to them, we were told that they could not lend us the money. We were able to put down XXXX % or more of the purchase price. We lost a great investment opportunity with XXXX units already rented and awesome appreciation potential ( we had a sales contract for {$130000.00}, comparable real estate is currently selling for {$230000.00} ) ; we also lost about {$1200.00} in inspection and appraisal fees, and of course, we lost valuable time that we could have used to find funding with another financial institution. We could not purchase this property because we were denied funding.
2. We applied again XX/XX/XXXX because I work for XXXX, and as a XXXX employee I could get a discount on apraisal and fees. Once again, I was quickly pre-approved, put an offer on a duplex and the seller declined the offer stating that Quicken Loans approved but later does n’t close. I went back to Quicken Loans, explained what had happened and asked, if they were confident that we could close. I was, once again, reassured that the loan could be funded, that the seller ‘s claim was unreasonalble because they ‘re a reputable company, etc, etc … We put an offer once again but we had to offer more money for the seller to be confident ( we offered {$15000.00} more ), seller accepted, we had a sales contract, we made an inspection, paid loan fee and a couple of weeks into the transaction Quicken Loans said that the loan could not be funded because they had not noticed that we had other mortgages!!! How in the world our credit ( mine and my husband ‘s ) gets checked and mortgages go unnoticed? What criteria did they use to pre-approve us? Do QL associates get a commision when people are pre-approved even if guidelines are not followed? Are there guidelines? Are they just playing with consumers to rip us off like XXXX XXXX did? Are they discriminating against us because we are XXXX?

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