Credit decision / Underwriting

This is regarding CFPB # ‘s XXXX and XXXX. I am attaching the first XXXX pages of the approved loan adjustment agreement ( Loan Modification Papers ) that I received from XXXX on Thursday XX/XX/XXXX. I had just wrote to you last Saturday, XX/XX/XXXX regarding another issue with Bayview loan not crediting my account where they have admitted fault on wrongfully foreclosing and adding a plethora of charges and fees to my loan regarding the wrongful foreclosure These have yet to be corrected and I have now asked 3 times to no avail. I received a call from a XXXX in the Customer Advocacy Team Department saying they were in receipt of the CFPB letter and assured me that 1 ) I would be receiving an answer on my loan modification, 2 ) the current foreclosure ( XXXX XXXX ) auction date of XX/XX/XXXX is ON HOLD, and 3 ) that I would receive a letter explaining the credit ( s ) to my account where Bayview ‘s errors from the wrongful foreclosure and any other fees/charges were put on my account and also regarding my NOE letter from XX/XX/XXXX. On Thursday XX/XX/XXXX, I received the loan modification papers from XXXX. I was approved. However, I was n’t happy because NO credit of ANY TYPE is included to adjust the amount owed to Bayview. I called XXXX to let him know this. XXXX told me XXXX was unavailable and XXXX said XXXX only was letting me know that my letter from CFPB was received and if I had any other issues. I told her I need to talk to him regarding our conversation she said I have to talk to XXXX XXXX. I called XXXX to let him know the credits are not included on the loan modification papers. XXXX tells me I will have to write a letter to the Bankruptcy department but send to his attention regarding my credits not showing. I asked why do I have to write ANOTHER letter when I have been waiting since XX/XX/XXXX for these credits to appear and for Bayview to rectify this entire mess. I said I have written 3 letters regarding my credits as it is. I asked if I could please talk to the bankruptcy department. XXXX said he can not put me through to that department but that we have time and sarcastically ( as he usually is! ) said you said that XXXX said the foreclosure is on hold, did n’t you? Why do n’t you have XXXX call me ( this is the realtor that I was trying to see about selling my home that said he would help me with my loan modification to make sure it goes smooth, he would have to charge me XXXX and took a check for XXXX from me – all he has done is had me sign a paper stating I am allowing him to talk to XXXX XXXX and has called XXXX about three times – NOT HAPPY WITH ” XXXX XXXX XXXX ”. continued on # XXXX of this form on ” My Information ”

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