Credit decision / Underwriting

On XX/XX/2016, Amerisave Mortgage Corporation contacted me about refinancing my home. They told me that even though I have a remodified loan and therefore was n’t able to go FHA and due to a bankruptcy 2 1/2 years ago ( even though did n’t involve my home ) would not be able to do a conventional refi, they had ” means to bypass FHA requirements and ensure [ my ] refi ”.

Yesterday, XX/XX/2016, they contacted me ( after MANY contacts over the month ) and told me I ‘d best lock right away on a rate as the market is so unstead, blah blah blah. Of course, rates are going DOWN, not up but Amerisave ‘s closing costs keep creeping up and they said they are ” uncomfortable with what tomorrow might bring in terms of their closing costs as they are computerized and unpredictable ”.

I decided to go ahead and lock with the assurance that I could opt for a lower rate or discount right up until the day before closing.

As I was doing so their closing costs kept rising over the course of a half hour at the rate of {$200.00} every 10 minutes. The representative, XXXX XXXX, kept telling me that no matter what my computer or phones are telling me ( they all said something different as use different cookies ) that at closing I ‘d only be paying {$400.00} and just to IGNORE what my devices said and that hers was the only accurate one at {$400.00}.

She told me that she needed my debit card password and XXXX digit code for security ( that I was serious about following through with a refinance on my home ) and while I expressed my hesitation and concern that I did n’t understand the fluctuating figures before me, ” not to worry, you ‘ll only pay {$400.00} at closing ” and ” WHEN THE APPRAISAL IS DONE we will charge {$420.00} ”.

She coached me on how to answer all of the questions for finalization said ” the appraiser will be contacting you for a firm date ”.

She called not even five minutes later and said ” I ‘m sorry but we are not going to do your refinance. You do n’t meet our requirements ”.

I IMMEDIATELY went to find my bank ‘s phone number to warn them that I ‘d given my password and XXXX digit code so that they would stop any entity from gaining access to my funds ( at this point I realized that something was VERY AMISS with this organization ). I opened my account to get their phone number and to my SHOCK they ‘d STOLEN {$420.00} from it WITHOUT MY APPROVAL!

I ‘ve since learned that this type of activity is not new to Amerisave, who was fined XXXX just two years ago for the same type of nefarious activity.
XXXX XXXX XXXX said she ‘s very sorry that she wasted my time and HERS! HERS!??? Yes, she specifically stated that she is ” sorry [ she ] wasted [ her ] time ”. Actually, I think she was doing exactly what Amerisave told her to do … commit fraud and steal from unknowing individuals.

OBVIOUSLY this is an entity that HAS to be STOPPED! They lie to unsuspecting persons from the VERY MINUTE of contact. I did NOT contact THEM.. they contacted ME.

I ‘d not even known of their existence prior to XX/XX/2016 and wish I never had.

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