Credit decision / Underwriting

Last year, I had some water damage occur to my home, so I filed a homeowner ‘s insurance claim with XXXX XXXX. XXXX XXXX sent me a check for the funds needed for the repairs and the check was made out to me as well as my mortgage company, Carrington Mortgage Services, since the check was well over {$10000.00}. Carrington released some of the funds last summer, but they are still holding nearly {$5000.00} that they are not releasing to me. I have been trying to get them to release these funds to me for nearly 2 months so that I can pay off my contractor, yet they keep giving me a run around about having an inspector contact me, which has NEVER happened. I finally got fed up today and e-mailed the CEO of Carrington Mortgage Service, XXXX XXXX, and explained the situation and demand that my money that they are holding hostage be released immediately. About an hour later, I got a reply from XXXX XXXX, which I am 100 % sure was not intended for me as it was addressed to someone named XXXX. This is what the email said : ” XXXX – This XXXX has been pestering us for at least a year that I can remember, I ca n’t even sort out all of the details of what she is referring to any longer. Let ‘s do XXXX things here – solve whatever the current issue is asap and then get XXXX to offer her a streamline refi at what ever rate will incent her to refinance quickly, then sell the loan on a released basis into the market so that we are no longer dealing with her. Please let me know your thoughts.

XXXX ” First of all, he called me an XXXX!!! Secondly, I have NO idea what he means by I have been ” pestering ” him for a year as this is the very first time I contacted him. Thirdly, what he is trying to do to me is illegal. I have also filed a complaint at the state level ( Maine ). Also, below where it asks ” which part of the mortgage process is your issue related to? “, this situation does not apply to any of the available options, so I just checked the option for ” receiving a credit offer ” since I had no idea which XXXX to select since none of them apply to this situation.

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