Credit decision / Underwriting

Applied for a refinance with Guaranteed Rate back the beginning of XXXX 2014. When a condition was asked for, it was provided quickly. Conditions were asked for numerous times. I had been told that my file had gone through at least XXXX U/W ‘s. I had applied for a loan amount of {$50000.00}, and was asked after application docs and required employment docs had been sent, if I wanted to up it to {$75000.00}, and I said sure! I had assumed that since I was asked that, everything was reviewed, and we had room to go higher. After many emails, stating we were ready to close, there would always be something to come up with an U/W. I finally got so angry, that I had sent an email to VP and CEO XXXX XXXX. It took a few days for XXXX, XXXX assistant. He said I would be hearing from XXXX XXXX, and after a few days, I had no call. I reached out to XXXX again, and he stated he would be in touch with me by the end of the day. NOPE! I then got a call from a XXXX asking what my concerns were, and reviewed how upset I was. She stated she would forward on, and have someone get in touch with me … Once again, no one reached out! After many emails back and forth with the XXXX, XXXX XXXX, and XXXX XXXX, They all of a sudden got us approved, and ready to close in XXXX day. Why didnt that happen sooner? We were told Friday, XXXX XXXX, we would be closing XXXX thing Monday morning with Traveling notary. My husband works In XXXX, and he had to miss a day of work to get this done. They stated docs could not be sent to XXXX because even thought my wife is not on the loan, she had to sign a few docs. I had requested that some closing fees be waived due to my refinance taking 4 months to close. I had received a document from XXXX XXXX for a Credit rescore fee of {$200.00}, and I had responded back with a request for an explanation, and if that could be waived due to the time frame of the refinance, with not return response from anyone CC ‘d on the email.
I get the closing docs, and they charged me for a full years payment to my insurance company, which I make monthly payments on. I dont even escrow my insurance, and it was not due!!!! Waiting on explanation of that. No closing fees waived which is horrible since this has taken so long, and it was not my part!! They also lowered my loan amount without disclosing it to me. I didnt find out until the HUD arrived.

Although I do understand Ratios were a bit high, but we had less than a 50 % LTV. I did tell the XXXX that paying off debt was fine, and provided current statements. I did mention lowering the loan amount ( after I was told to up it ), was ok with me, but no one ever disclosed a new loan amount to me, for signature until the HUD arrived.
I would never recommend Guaranteed Rate. A refinance should be quick and easy, especially when requested documents are provided when asked for, as well as many emails stating I was ready to close ~ and in essence, I wasnt..
XXXX emaills to XXXX XXXX asking what new docs were – no responseLoan amount changed, never disclosed to me. Found out at closing table.

Lox for credit inquiry requested after all closing docs signed. That info had already been given to XXXX XXXX, and I never heard anything else.

I completed a survey after closing with my concerns, and no one has reached out to me. Why even send a survey then?
Poor, Poor lender. Would NEVER recommend.

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